Dynamics 365 Portals – Exporting Data

Dynamics 365 Portals provides us with very quick and simple ways to expose data from the D365 system into an external portal. Often, we have requirements to export or print the data using current Word Templates present in D365, but unfortunately there is no OOB feature (currently) for performing this task. In this post, I […]

Easy AutoNumber Utility for Dynamics 365 July 2017 Update (v9)

Today, 1st October 2017 marks the GA release of Dynamics 365 v9. As of today, any new Dynamics 365 environments will be provisioned as Version 9 instances (also known as the July 2017 update for Dynamics 365). If you haven’t yet heard, there are plenty of goodies thrown in for users, customisers and developers alike such […]

Dynamics 365 Utility Methods

Dynamics 365 makes available features and options that makes possible to implement many solutions and requirements without having to write a single line of code (server-side and client-side). However, despite the fact that Dynamics 365 is a very complete and customisable development platform, it still has limits. Sometimes in some Dynamics 365 implementations, there is […]

Case v Custom Entity Part 1 – Lets Fight

“Should I create a custom entity or should I re-use an out-of-the-box entity to deliver a requirement?” How often do you have to decide when and how to use a custom entity instead of modifying and customising an out-of-the-box entity? In my experience, in every Dynamics 365 implementation you are presented with this dilemma. There […]

Here Comes The Dynamics 365 Authority!

Great technical blog posts are hidden gems. They are hard to find simply because not enough of us write them in the first place.
Yet technical blogging is one of the best things we can do not only for ourselves, but also as members of the wider community of developers. And I believe this kind of  contribution is badly needed in this community. 

Dynamics 365 – Development Platform

When a customer chooses to implement Dynamics 365, they don’t only get a CRM system, but also a flexible, extendible, robust and reliable development platform that can be used to quickly implement custom business solutions.