Meet the Heroes

Their mission: to protect businesses and organisations’s innocence from the forces of evil solution implementations. And to do it in style. Meet our Heroic Five:

Dimitri “Reverso Engineero” Chevkov – Technical Hero

DimitriA programming wizard, he was a child prodigy and had hacked into 7 separate government agencies by the time he was 16 years old. Older, wiser, more experienced and seeing the errors of his impetuous youth, he now spends his time helping others to extend their Dynamics platform beyond what was previously thought as the limit. He can rush into developing a solution to a problem which would be better solved using the Dynamics 365 platform capabilities, and is constantly kept in check by Howard.

Howard “Maximiser” Harper – Functional Hero

HowardThe true Dynamics 365 guru of the team, Howard has been involved with the product since its inception back in 2003. He maximises the product’s functionality without the need to write a line of code and is proud of his ingenious solutions to meet even the most challenging customer requirements. With contacts in the Dynamics 365 product vision team at Microsoft, you can be sure Howard can configure the platform to its utmost potential. Takes great delight at reigning in Dimitri from “re-inventing the wheel”.

Prof. Augustus Octavius – Integration Hero

Pr. OctaviusAugustus is a data integration and migration expert and worked as a seemingly normal university professor – until he cracked a seemingly impossible mathematical conundrum, a feat that unlocked “hyper-connective” mental abilities. Now, he leads a team of Dynamics 365 Heroes while also searching for the true meaning of the formula that changed him. A highly intelligent individual, adaptable and flexible to provide solutions to any problem. His brain thought patterns can connect any two data sets or systems together with seamless and robust solutions.

Wendy Walter Watson – Portal Hero

Wendy2Millennial, loads of “social media” friends, does all the shopping online, fear of cats, loves to sneak into events and places without paying, advocates that we can create and live our own reality. When someone asks her about her main qualities the answer is always “responsive and adaptive”. Special powers: can create vortexes and parallel realities. She can also decipher Dynamics 365 licensing model.

Madelyne “The Alchemist” Waters – Marketing Hero

MadelyneProvides the perfect mix of digital marketing know-how and social media interaction to give any company the lead generation statistics they’ve always craved. A pioneer of the social media age, Madelyne is a specialist in the marketing field, mixing AB split tests to provide the right message to the right audiences. An expert in customer interaction and engagement, she is a digital marketing magician and the maverick within the team.